superannuation of Mr. R.C. Namdev (TGT) HINDI on 31.07.2018.


                                                                        26.07.2019 & 31.07.2019

 Kargil Vijay Divas was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior.

VAN MAHOTSAW DAY - 22.07.2019


Van Mahotsaw day celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya No 2 gwalior on 22.07.2019.



 Swachhata Shramdan day celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya No 2 gwalior on 20.07.2019.




World Population day celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya No 2 gwalior on 11.07.2019.



5th International Yoga Day  celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Vidyalaya on 21st June 2019.



Citizen awakening Programe was organised in the school under which a rally was organised to bring awareness in school children & society as well  09.05.2019



Welcome ceremony of class Ist students and their parents by Principal on 15.04.2019.



New Admission Lottery for class IInd held on 12.04.2019.



Donate books by the student distributed by principal Mr. Jagdish Prasad on 10.04.2019.



Conduction of tarunoutsava programme in kendriya vidyalaya no 2 Gwalior on 05.04.2019.








New Admission Lottery for class Ist held on 26.03.2019.










Bharat Scout & guide  was celebrated  thinking day on occasion of birthday of Lord Baden Pawell on  22.02.2018


Farewell of 12th Class Celebrated in Vidyalaya on 20.02.2019


Farewell of Mr. Manoj kumar (PGT-English), Mr. M.M. Mishra (TGT-Hindi), Mr. Kaushal Kishor Kushawah (TGT - Math) and Mr. Badri Prasad Prajapati (TGT-Science)  on 21.02.2019.  

Poster Making Related to Druges Competition (NAEP) in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on  14.02.2019.



                                                                        12.02.2019 & 13.02.2019

 KVS 46th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathemastics and Environment exhibition for children was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior.



Sardar vallabh bhai Patel jaynti.

PRIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2.0  - 29.01.2019


Pariksha pe charcha a was movement towerds surajya, Realize the hope and aspiratias of the People to take India to greatest highest. 





  REPUBLIC DAY  - 26.01.2019


Celebrated in vidyalaya on 26th January 2019. Flag Hoisting by Air cmde, D V WANI VSM and Students presented Cultural Programms.




WORLD AIDS DAY - 01.12.2018


World AIDS Day was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on 01.12.2018.


Superannuation of Mrs. Sandhya on 30.11.2018 



Maulana Abul Kalam Azad jaynti


the first  minister of education in the Indian Government Maulana Abul Kalam Azad jaynti was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on 16.11.2018.




Sports Training Program for Teachers under "SBSB" Program was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on 15.11.2018 .




Children's day was celebrated and Rangoli Competition in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru jaynti 14.11.2018.




 Annual Academic Panel Inspection was celebrated  in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on 13.11.2018 .

Sardar vallabh bhai Patel jaynti.



Sardar vallabh bhai Patel jaynti was celebrated and Ekta divas in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on the first home minister Sardar vallabh bhai Patel jaynti 31.10.2018.


SATARKTA JAGRUKTA WEEK FROM 29.10.2018 TO 03.11.2018 

Satarkta Jagrukta was conducted in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 AFS Maharajpur, Gwalior by  I/C Principal Mr. A.K Singh  .



Parents Teachers Meeting on 12/10/2018 

 Parents teachers Meeting for Periodic test Second held in the Vidyalaya on 12-10-2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.


Student Council on 11/10/2018 

Student Council organised in the Vidyalaya on 11-10-2018. Head boy - Mast. Raghv, Head girl - Ku. Gulnaz.





Gandhi jaynti was celebrated and Swachchhata abhiyan in Kendriya vidyalaya 2 gwalior on the occasion of Rashtrapita Gandhi Jayanti 02.10.2018 



 Mr. A.K singh (I/C Principal) of the Vidyalaya inaugurated Hindi Pakhwada ON 14 Sep. 2018.  



Cleanliness Drive (forth night program) was conducted in the Vidyalaya under which  various programs were organised by the students and teachers .  An exhibition on waist material, drawings & slogans was inaugrated by shri Jagdish Prasad, Principal & Mrs. Asha pant (Vice Principal) on 12th  sep. 2018 .






Cleanliness Drive (forth night program) was organised in the school under which a rally was organised to bring awareness in school children & society as well  10th sep. 2018



Teachers day on 05/09/2018 

Teacher's day celebrated with great enthusiast in KV 2 AFS Maharajpur Gwalior by the student and staff of the vidyalaya. 



  31st KVS Youth Parliament competition, Bhopal Region on 04/09/2018 

 31 KVS Youth Parliament comp. Bhopal region was hosted in which chief guest  was Hon'ble  shri Brijendra Tiwari (EX. MLA. GIRD) and shri. Sunil shrivastav (DC, KVS RO, BHOPAL).



 School is celebrating national sports day (birthday of Major Dhyan chand) Heats of Recreational games was conducted on 28 August 2018 for the Primary children and finals will be held on 29th August.


 Parents Teachers Meeting on 25/08/2018 

 Parents teachers Meeting for Periodic test first held in the Vidyalaya on 25-08-2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.



SANSKRIT WEEK FROM 23.08.2018 TO 29.08.2018 

Sanskrit week inaugurated in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 AFS Maharajpur, Gwalior by  Principal Mr. Jagdish Prasad. on 23.08.2018  .



Group song competition under CCA in Primary section in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 AFS Maharajpur, Gwalior  on 21.08.2018  .




Pledge taken by Vidyalaya students and teachers to bring  communal harmony in society.




Vidyalaya Lavel Social Science Exhibition ' Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat ' inauguration in vidyalaya. on 20.08.2018 by Principal Mr. Jagdish Prasad.




72 Independence day was Celebrated in Vidyalaya on 15th August 2018. The flag was hosted by       Cmdt.  VS Chuadhry VM TACDE And Guest of honour was Mrs. Meena Rawat. The students of the Vidyalaya  presented various Cultural Programmes.



Rakhi Making competition was organised on 09.08.2018 in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 AFS Maharajpur, the children of primary section contributed Rakhi for soldiers in the program "ek paigam sainiko ke name ".



superannuation of Mr. Shivkant Tiwari (primary) and farewell Mr. Rajbeer singh (TGT) HINDI on 31.07.2018.



The programme  I UNDERSTAND was conducted for the girl students of class VII of the Vidyalaya on 30/07/2018. The session was take up by Mrs. Vaishali Shivhare from Procter and Gamble. Principal Mrs. Asha Pant along with two teachers were also present during the programme.



 Painting competition on 12/07/2018.

Aerospace Safety Awareness organised by Air force Station, Gwalior.


 FUNDAY Was organised in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 AFS Maharajpur, Gwalior as per the guidelines issued by KVS under the guidance of Incharge Principal Mrs. Asha Pant. on 07.07.2018  .


 SOF National Science Day on 02.07.2018

Science Olympiad Anwesha Ray IX internaional Ranking 2608 Zonal Ranking 84 MP.

Subham Kumar Das class XI international Ranking 749 Zonal Ranking 29 MP.

 Prashant chauhan  class VIII international Ranking 3037 Zonal Ranking 75 MP.


Superannuation of Mr. Shambhulal (sub staff) ON 30-06-2018



 International Anti Drugs Day celebrated  in  Vidyalaya on 26th June 2018.


National coaching camp for the participants of event Badminton U-19, Basketball U-19 and Kabaddi U-19G  conducted in the KV NO-2 AFS Gwalior From 23/06/2018 to 25/06/2018


4TH International Yoga Day  celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Vidyalaya on 21st June 2018.



The Event came to a close with felicitation of the winners and see off to the teams that stayed and played for last three days on 27/04/2018


Knock Out and League games in both KH0-KHO and Badminton (GIRLS) under various Categories took place on 26/04/2018


Honorable  Assistant  Commissioner Dr.(Mrs.) B Kaur  visited the  Vidyalaya  and observed  the various  events going on.She  also motivated the players  to play with all zeal and most of all true sportsmanship spirit on 26/04/2018



Inauguration  of  49TH  Regional Sports  Meet 2018-19 Badminton and KHO-KHO Girls  Participants .Oath of Integrity and sportsmanship  taken by the participants knock games in all categories on 25/04/18

Teams arrival ,with their Escorts ,A meeting with  Escorts for general instructions was taken up by Venue  I/C Principal Mrs. Asha Pant and  PET  Mrs. Urmila Thakur on 24/04/18

Certificate and medal distributed to prize winner of Bhartiya  Sanskriti Gyan Preeksha  By Principal Mrs. Asha Pant.



Orientation and Parents Teacher Meeting for Class I on 17/04/2018



Farewell of 12th Class Celebrated  in Vidyalaya on 24/02/2018


Thinking day Celebrated  in Vidyalaya on 22/02/2018



"Matra Bhasha Divas" Celebrated  in vidyalaya on 21/02/2018


Superannuation of Ms. Rekha Saxena (Principal) ON 31-01-2018



celebrated in vidyalaya on 26th January 2018 . flage Hosting By A.O.C  H.A. Rather, VM VSM (A.O.C.) and Students presented Cultural Progamms .





celebrated in Vidyalaya on 15th Decmeber'2017. Students presented Group song on various themes and prize distributed to students for various activities.


Group Song Competition  on 25th Nov 2017


Cub Bulbul -Physics by Prof. H.C. Verma in KV 2 Gwalior on 16 Nov 2017

Mini Sports Meet- 15th Nov' 2017

Bal Mela organised on 14th Nov'17 .House wise stalls arranged in Vidyalaya

Fancy Dress competition organized in Vidyalaya  on 14th November 2017

An enlightening session of Physics by Prof. H.C. Verma in KV 2 Gwalior on 11 September 2017

KVS Rashtriya Ekta Shivir-Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat-2017-18 (Regional Level) to be held at Vidyalaya during 30.08 to 01.09.2017.

Regional Sports Meet -2017- From 15th July to 17th July'17 - Badminton  B/G , KHO-KHO

Awareness & Guidance Program on SUBSTANCES ABUSES for teachers -(23.06.2017) and Students (27.06.2017) conducted by Smt Akriti Mehta , Psychologist .

 Workshop on Microsoft conducted in Vidyalaya on 20.04.2017.

Fire Mock Drill held in Vidyalaya under Fire Brigade Week (19.04.2017). This Drill was headed by Sq.. Ldr. Sh. V.K. Arya (IAF) and Asst. Fire Brigade Officer Sh. D.K. Jakheniya.

Interaction with Parents for Tarunotsava held in Vidyalaya (18.04.2017).

Interaction of Teachers & Parents of Class-I.

Workshop on Back to Basics conducted in vidyalaya on 31.01.2017 for the teachers of class I to VIII. Respected Ms.Rekha Saxena Principal given the Presentation over the Back to Basics Studies.

Mrs.Manisha Gulyani,She Came from Spic Macay to introduce Kathak Dance

Celebration of 68th Republic Day on 26.01.2017 in our Vidyalaya,Chief Guest Air Cmde H A Rather,VM VSM 40 Wg ,A.F.S.,Gwalior.

Dr.Ashish Superintendent of Police, Gwalior visited Vidyalaya to speech over Adolescence Awareness Programme (25.01.2017).

Mathematical Week Being Celebrated in Vidyalaya

KVS Regional Incentive Award Ceremony for the years 2015 & 16 organized at Vidyalaya on 10.01.2017.

Hon'ble Sh. S. K. Mall, Commissioner, KVS HQ New Delhi was the Chief Guest of the Event.
Annual Day celebrated in Vidyalaya on 21.12.2016