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Jai Vilas Palace is located in the new city of Gwalior . It the house of the present Maharaja of Gwalior. This palace was designed by Lt. Col. Sir Michael.

The Tuscan and Corinthian architectural modes are combined in Jai Vilas. The Darbar hall of the Palace is an imposing structure. Covered with heavy draperies and tapestries, fine Persian carpets and furniture from Italy and France occupy the spacious rooms.
The treasure of the palace includes a silver train which has cut glass wagons carrying wine and cigars after dinner, a glass cradle used for Lord Krishna on every Janamashtami, swords once worn By Aurangzeb and Shah Jehan.
35 of the rooms of the palace have been converted into the Scindia Museum and the rest of the rooms reflect the spender and glory that comes alive in the Italianate structures. Then there is a little room full of erotica, including a life-sized marble
statue of Leda having her way with a swan. But the pièce de resistance is a model railway that carried brandy and cigars around the dining table after dinner.



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Standing on a steep mass of sandstone, Gwalior Fort dominates the city and is its most significant monument. It has been the scene of momentous events, imprisonment, battles and jauhars . A steep road winds upwards to the fort, flanked by statues of the Jain tirthankaras, carved into the rock face. The magnificent outer walls of the fort still stand, two miles in length and 35 feet high, bearing witness to its reputation for being one of the most invincible forts of India . This imposing structure inspired Emperor Babur to describe it as " the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind


Gujari Mahal

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Within the fort are some marvels of medieval architecture. The 15th century Gujari Mahal is a monument to the love of Raja Mansingh Tomar for his intrepid Gujar Queen, Mrignayani. The outer structure of Gujari Mahal has survived in an almost total state of preservation; the interior has been converted into Archaeological Museum housing rare antiquities,some of them dating back to the 1st century A.D. Even though many of these have been defaced by the iconoclastic Mughals , their perfection of form has survived the ravages of time. Particularly worth seeing is the statue of Shalbhanjika from Gyraspur, the tree goddess, the epitome of perfection in miniature . The statue is kept in the custody of the museum s curator, and can be seen on request.



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Situated in the majestic Gwalior fort, Suraj Kund is believed to be the same place where the Sage Gwalipa healed Suraj Sen, the Rajput chieftain. The history of Suraj Kund complex dates back to the 15th century.
The myth behind this legendary pond is very fascinating. It says that the chronic illness of Suraj Sen was cured after he had tasted the water of the pond. The king as a token of his gratitude towards the saint, who had cured his disease, built a tank and the mighty fort and named the city after the sage. The pond that can be seen in the fort drags the attention of the people because of its great historical value and sumptuousness.


Ghaus Mohammed's Tomb

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For its exquisite stonework and excellent architecture, the Ghaus Mohammed mausoleum is an absolute must see. The sandstone mausoleum of the 16th century Afghan prince turned Sufi saint is built in typical Mughal style, with hexagonal pillars and delicate screens using pierced stone technique. Strictly from a historical perspective, Ghaus Mohammed s major contribution was that he helped Babar to win the Gwalior fort. Particularly exquisite are the delicate lacy screens, using the pierced stone technique. The skilled artisans of Gwalior were famed and their artistic brilliance is apparent in the huge panels of lacy screen work, combined with the interesting architectural style that gives it an absolutely ethereal feel. It is amazing to see that the tomb is a famous pilgrimage center of both Muslims and Hindus.



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A newly built temple dedicated to the Sun god, the Sun Temple is located near residency at Morar, Gwalior . It is a facsimile of the famous Sun temple of Konark , Orissa and now this sun temple is one among the significant pilgrimage centers in Gwalior .
The temple is located in a serene ambience and a well-maintained garden within the temple premises is very attractive. This holy temple draws the locals and tourists alike who gather here to render their prayers. It makes one astounded that a shrine of comparatively modern origin holds such a highest regard, and became one among the most sought after pilgrimage centers in the city.